(Please ADD 4.00 extra for Tortellini & Ravioli)

Choose From: Penne, Spaghetti, Fettucine, Ricotta Ravioli OR Beef Tortellini


Gluten FREE Pasta Available - Spirali & Penne ADD $6 EXTRA

Bolognese (One of our Favourites!!)

Our own rich, meaty sauce. Cooked for over 4 hours with cuts of pork & beef - $15



Traditional tomato sauce - with a rich flavour - $15 (V)


Anchovy, Kalamata Olives, Capers, Chilli, in a light red sauce - $16


Alla Pana

Virginian Ham & Fresh Mushrooms with Cream - $16



Crispy Bacon, Cracked Pepper, Cream and Whisked Egg - $16

Chilli Prawn

Spring Onion with Prawns,Tomato and Chilli - $18



Prawns, Scallop, Mussel and Octopus in a rich red sauce - $20


Eggplant, Artichoke, Olive and Red Onion in a red sauce - $17 (V)

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Beef Meatballs with our meaty red sauce - $17

Dom P

Chicken, Bacon, Mushroom and Parsley in a creamy sauce - $17

Pulled Pork 

Slow cooked pork in a rich sauce with a hint of chilli  - $16

Vege Deluxe 

Sauteed mushrooms, baby spinach & roasted capsicum in a delicious rose sauce - $18 (V)

Chorizo & Prawn

Fried spanish onion & chorizo, with prawns and a rose sauce - $17



Traditional Lasagne Served with Bolognese or Napolitana Sauce - $15





Fresh Garden Salad

Seasonal Garden Salad with an Olive oil & balsamic dressing - $7.00 

Crispy Chicken Salad 

Seasonal salad with pineapple, bacon, crispy breast schnitzel & our TKT sauce - $14.50

Small Side Salad - $4.50

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